30 Day Challenge – Day 3

Day 3

Well, as it is a Sunday, day 3 of this challenge is nice and easy:

  • 30 min brisk walk

Although this is a nice and easy session, it’s still extremely important.  Why?  Because you are getting yourself into a routine.  A routine that will allow you to improve your health through exercise.  It is another 30 min of ‘me time’

Whilst out on your walk, I want you to be mindful.  Mindful of your surroundings.  Don’t just go out and walk.  Take in what you are looking at.  Be mindful of the benefits that exercising has, both physically and mentally.  Enjoy your 30 min.  It is your time for you.

Hope you enjoy your 30 min walk today.  Continue on this journey and you will achieve the unthinkable 🙂


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