Post Race Evaluation


As athletes, we are always critical of our performances.  Post race evaluation seems to become second nature to us, but how many of us concentrate on the negatives?  I could have done better.  I could have pushed harder.  If only I had done this/that differently.

I raced at the weekend, my first triathlon for nearly 4 years and my first race since my return from a long road recovering from injury.  As always, I evaluated my performance, but tried to concentrate on the positives.  This was my conclusion from my performance analysis:

I finished the race – injury free.  It was a massive achievement for me.  Thinking back, this was my first race that I have not had tight calves at the end of the run.  Testament that my training has been good and the adaptations have worked.

I have renewed confidence.  I now know that my body can go through the rigors of a triathlon again.  This is my first step to my main goal of completing Outlaw Holkham Half in Jul.  If I keep my training going at the pace/level that it is currently going at, I will achieve my main goal.

I have faith in my training.  Triathlon training is a continually adjusting process.  Progression and if required regression is paramount to achieve goals.  The training that I have prescribed myself seems to be working, so I am happy.

Negatives.  None.  There’s no point in what could’ve beens.  I know that with continued training, my fitness and therefore my triathlon ability will improve.

Post race evaluation can be a very cruel process, especially if we concentrate on the negative components.  Concentrating on trying to see where all the improvements can be made can cause a negative mindset and the potential for over working, over training, and potentially injuries and decrease in fitness.  However you do in a race or event, concentrate on the positives, learn from them and you can achieve the unthinkable 🙂


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