Overcoming Fear


I love it when you look through old photographs and are reminded of some of the amazing situations and fantastic opportunities you have been given.

I have been lucky enough within my career to be able to participate in sports that others may not have had the opportunity to try.  In 2004 I went to Norway and had the privilage to participate in a Winter Sports Training Camp and have a go at Skeleton.  For those of you who do not know, skeleton is where you are lying on your stomach on what is described as a ‘tea tray’ down an ice track where you can reach speeds in excess of 100kph.  Without doubt, this was the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever had within sport.  That said, it also provided me with many fears:  The fear of pain; The fear of the unknown;  The fear of speed;  The fear of failure;  The list is endless.  But overcome your fears and you can achieve so much.

When participating in Skeleton, if you do nothing whilst completing a run, you were classed as a ‘dead man sliding’.  I would liken Skeleton to Parachuting – you are going to get to the end, how safely is entirely up to you.  I had to overcome many fears in order to ensure that I got down as safely as possible.  I knew that I would bang myself on the side of the track (see photo for bruise proof of that!), I knew that my helmet would at some point scrape along the ice as I slid (again, see photo for a ‘sliders eye view’).  I knew that I would be travelling fast, possibly faster than I have ever been outside of the safety of a car.  However, I had to overcome these fears in order to fully appreciate the experience of Skeleton.

When undertaking new training, you will undoubtedly have fears that may stop you in your tracks.  Overcome these fears and you will fully embrace the exhiliration you get from exercise – Overcome fear and you can achieve the unthinkable.


Picture 031wtmk

Just a few bruises!!


‘Sliders Eye View’


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