I am sure that we have all had those meh moments.  Need to train, but just don’t have that final zing that we need.  I sure get them at times.  When I do, I often use motivational videos to give me a little pickmeup, have a chat with myself and then pull up my big boy pants and get on with the training.  Had one of those moments today.  Had a 30km indoor bike session to do, but needed that little extrinsic push.  This session was a must do as I have my first triathlon of the season in 2 weeks, so could not afford to miss this important session.  Found this video that helped me out.  Hope you enjoy it.

Showed this to Tracee and it seemed to have a different effect to what it had on me.  It seemed to have an eyes popping out of the head whilst dribbling effect.  No idea why?

Whatever you do, ensure that you enjoy it and achieve the unthinkable 🙂

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