50 Thank You’s


WOW……….We have been blogging for less than 3 months and have received our 50th follow today.  We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in our journey so far, whether that be a like, a follow, a view, a comment, a re-blog.  So, it is only fitting that we say 50 thank you’s:

dankie; faleminderit; shukran; chnorakaloutioun; hvala; blagodaria; gràcies; M̀h’gōi; hvala; děkuji; tak; ank u; tänan; kiitos; merci; danke; ευχαριστώ; mahalo; todah; shukriya; köszönöm; takk; terima kasih; grazie;  arigatô; gamsahamnida; paldies; choukrane; ačiū; blagodaram; terima kasih; grazzi; Xièxiè; bayarlalaa; takk; dziękuję;obrigado; obrigada; mulţumesc; спасибо; xвала;Ďakujem ;hvala ;gracias ;tack ; nandri; kop khun; teşekkür ederim; Дякую; diolch; a dank; ngiyabonga

A HUGE thank you to everyone, whoever and wherever you are.

Rob and Tracee 😀

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