Veggie Waffles – Yum Yum!



Well today is shopping day, so needed to use up the last of my prepped spiralized veggie’s (I’m so in love with my spiralizer lol) But what to do with them? I remember watching Ali from making sweet potato waffles and thought it looked pretty cool, so figured I’d have a little go of my own.  Now, I really dislike sweet potatoes, really wish I didn’t but hey-ho I really really do :(.  I had some parsnip and carrot noodles left over, so sauted them in a little frylight until softened and added some spinach.  I then transferred to a bowl and seasoned with salt and pepper, added a whisked egg and mixed it all together (Not much of a sweet tooth here so going for a savoury waffle).  I then transferred to the waffle maker, and hey presto gorgeous veggie waffles. I topped mine with poached eggs and they tasted delicious. Great start to the day, and super filling too.  For those of you following a Slimming World plan like me, this is a syn free meal.

Sun is shining here today, and hope the sun is shining for you too this weekend.

Hugs Tracee 🙂

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