Improving Foot Strength




Having suffered with Plantar Fasciitis, I know first hand how debilitating an injury it can be.  Plantar Fasciitis is one of those injuries that if you fail to rehabilitate early, it can end up being a chronic injury and the lay off can be extremely long.  Again, from personal experience, I didn’t realise the extent of the problem until it was too late.  Not an injury I would want back in a hurry (not that I would want any injury for that matter!).  I found this article on improving your foot strength, by strengthening your foot arch.  I think I will add some of these exercises into my gym routine – not too sure that I wouldn’t suffer from cramp with the big toe presses though :).  Personally, I would prescribe these exercises for anyone who runs.

Whatever your training, stay injury free and achieve the unthinkable 🙂


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