Socially Acceptable!

Having noticed a number of people out running this weekend it got me thinking about how people train and other individuals perception of them.  Of those who were out running, there were quite a few who seemed to be running very quickly.  My immediate thought was that they were running too fast!  Then looking at it, who was I to comment?  I knew nothing about their training plan; what their running goal was for that session; how far/long they had been/would be out running for.

This thought process reminded me of conversations that I have had with other people both clients that I have trained and others who have seen me out training.  For those of you who have read other posts of mine, you will undoubtedly be versed in how fanatical I am about heart rate training.  The main gist of these previous conversations, especially relating to my own training showed that it seemed to be socially unacceptable to run slowly, whereas if individuals were not running at a pace that would outrun the Zombie Apocalypse, they were not training well enough.

My point is; it is easy to judge others training especially if you don’t have an understanding of what they are trying to achieve.  Be it at a slow, or quick pace, you are after all beating all those that are sat in their armchairs.

Running at whatever speed is socially acceptable.   Go out, train at your velocity and achieve the unthinkable………………..

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