No More Procrastinating!!



March 1st 2016. This is my first personal post on here, and will be one of many in the future. I have been contributing to this blog but now it’s time for me to share my own journey as well.


As you know we are a healthy family. We eat healthily, make everything from scratch, and always look for the healthiest substitutes in food. But, I am shocked to discover that since October I’ve gained 10KG, yikes!!!! Absolutely gutted!!! Now it can’t be the food I eat can it? I don’t like chocolate, I don’t snack on Crisps etc. One of the main contributors IS most definitely the wine (not healthy) I consume after a long hard day; you know the “I deserve this” attitude. Well it has got to STOP, right now. I’m going to overhaul my entire diet and today is the day that I will start to shift those unwanted kilos plus a few more. My husband being a triathlete burns lots of calories per day, tons more than me, but I will eat the foods that I prepare for him, they are healthy yes, but they are intended as fuel for him and as I don’t train like a pro I don’t need those extra calories, so healthy food doesn’t equate to weight loss all the time. I’m going back to the basic principle of calories in V’s calories out and will be upping my training again (have not exercised since October either, bad girl!!!!) I am married to my own personal trainer so am going to utilise that and make the most of his free advice and share it here too.


I am rejoining Slimming World, and will be sharing my food diary and pictures of foods I make. Would love to have the support and also support others also on this journey. Summer body starts here 😀


Look forward to meeting some of you gorgeous ‘losers’ out there…..


Hugs xxx

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