Little Man Down……UPDATE!


Yayyy, went to see the little man today.  He has been away from home for less than 48 hours; it feels like a lifetime.  Yesterday was horrible.  Due to the nature of the fracture we were told by the Vet, operate and fix or amputate the leg!  There was no choice for us – operate.  So he went into theatre yesterday afternoon.  We were very excited when the Vet rang today and said that we could go and see him.  He was as happy to see us as we were to see him.  A lot more agile than we thought he would have been.  Can’t wait to finally get him home.  It was horrible to leave him, but we know that he is in fantastic hands.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to all at The Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, University of Cambridge.  Hopefully have him back by midweek.



3 thoughts on “Little Man Down……UPDATE!”

    1. Hello there – Thank you so much for your kind response. I am so glad that your pooch made a full recovery, that is very encouraging 🙂 Hopefully Max will be the same. His fracture is apparently quite a common occurrence in Springer Spaniels and is down to some bones not fusing properly in early life. The X-Ray looked pretty horrific with the humerous snapping in two at a very strange angle and quite a lot of bone fragments floating around. The only concern at the moment is that there appears to be some nerve damage, but hopefully this will disappear in time with the help of some good physio. The team at Queens have done an amazing job and are hopeful he will make a good recovery which has made us happy. Just can’t wait to get him home. 🙂

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