Little Man Down………


Well, I will be without my running partner for a while.  For the last 7 years, I have had Max with me; all weathers; all routes.

Unfortunately, tonight’s run lasted all of 30 seconds.  For those of you that know about Springer Spaniels, they are hyper at the best of times.  Take them for a run – that’s a whole new level of hyper.  Out of the door, run around, jump to go over the kerb and WHAM!!!!

Seems that he has an articular fracture of his humerus at the elbow joint on his front left leg.  He is currently awaiting surgery at Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge University.  Hopefully have the little man back mid-week.  Lots of loves waiting for him when he gets home.

Just after this photo was taken I had to pick him up to go into the surgery and promptly farted on me!  Guess it was payback for taking a photo of him!

2 thoughts on “Little Man Down………”

  1. Oh no! I have a cockapoo and he get’s so hyper on runs… Sometimes he wrangles his way out of his collar and I end up chasing him down for at least 15 minutes, while he prances around with the energy of a nuclear power plant. (Meanwhile, I hover between a single AA battery and a solar panel placed indoors). Gotta love spaniels. Wishing your pup fast recovery!

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    1. Awww thank you for your message and well wishes CK. Max definitely had the energy of a nuclear power plant (ha, love that analogy). He is definitely in the best place now to get sorted, but we have been warned that he may not be as sprightly as he was before 😦 I love Cockerpoo’s, so cute, enjoy him muchly. Tracee 🙂

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