Scrumptious black bean and quinoa bowl.

So, Sunday evenings are always pretty busy in the kitchen prepping foods for the following weeks packed lunches. My husband has started a new job and cycles the 50mile round trip most days, phewww!! We needed to make sure he had plenty of nutritious snacks plus a good lunch that wasn’t too big or heavy to carry or eat (he’s a fussy eater; it’s like having an extra child in the house at time lol) but would provide him with a great nutritional hit. We love quinoa and used this recipe from Oh She Glows. I’ve never made this one before and can honestly say it is gorgeous, possibly my favourite quinoa recipe so far. This one is definitely a must to make!!! Follow the link for recipe, you won’t be disappointed πŸ˜€Β  Oh She Glows

We used red onion instead of the spring onion as I’d run out and it worked perfectly well πŸ™‚



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