Its all about the base….

Sunday afternoons for me is the time to review my weekly training and plan the week ahead.  I am still currently working on conditioning, for me, especially having such a long training lay off is of extreme importance.  Base training is the foundation upon which everything else rests.  This base is to build athletic endurance, for me as a triathlete, that is through all three disciplines; swimming; cycling and running.  With much emphasis these days on completing training in as short a time as possible, sometimes the fundamental of aerobic endurance is forgotten.  If you train at speed, yes, you will get quicker, but you will not build on your aerobic endurance.  Fitness improvements working at speed will last just a few weeks before you begin to slow down.

When you train at a steady pace, your body responds with changes that allow you to use more oxygen and burn more fat as fuel.  Personally, this is imperative for one of my training goals of decreasing body fat and increasing my power/weight ratio.  Training aerobically will allow the body to build more capillaries, the tiny blood vessels that deliver oxygen rich blood to your muscles.  Your mitochondria—the parts of your cells that produce energy—also multiply and enlarge. And you churn out more enzymes that help turn stored fuel into energy. The result: You can train faster and longer.

Finally, and maybe more important, base-building training tends to be the most social and fun, so you can just enjoy yourself without worrying about going hard.  Too many athletes are in a hurry to get the high intensity workouts completed before looking after the catalyst of fitness, aerobic base.  Please feel free to comment and look at the below link: My training plan for this week.

Training Plan – WC 18 Jan 16


Hope your training goes well and that you achieve the unthinkable.



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