Now, my must haves…..

My husband posted his must haves for essential training the other night, and as the chef of the family I thought I’d share mine.  My husband is a triathlete so always needs plenty of good fuel for his body.  My kids, aged 9 and 17 also need optimum nutrition so I have my work cut out trying to provide adequate meals for them all, and also trying to find meals that they will all enjoy.  I cannot stress how important it is to always have a supply of good store cupboard ingredients.  We always make sure that we have plenty of beans, lentils, rice, herbs and spices, nuts, seeds, oats and dried fruits, as these are always at the heart of every meal.  I love the spice aisle in any store; I’m like a kid in a candy shop.  They are what makes the magic happen in food.  Like most families, we live on a tight budget and try to make sure nothing goes to waste.  We shop savvy and make everything from scratch; we don’t use pre-packaged jars or packets (I know there is a packet of slim-a-soup there; got to keep the eldest happy sometimes!).  As a mum, I am responsible for teaching my kids good habits and want them to learn well from me. My pictures speak for themselves in what I couldn’t live without.

Welcome to my pantry.  A little bit messy I know, but I am an artist by trade, so I like the organised chaos and know where everything is.  Although I needed ground cloves the other day and only discovered I had them by looking at the below photograph 🙂






Next time, I will post about my must have gadgets in the kitchen.



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