Sweet Potato Brownies

Anyone for a brownie?  Silly question really, especially in this household.  Anyway, on our quest for a healthier lifestyle, sweet treats have been on the agenda.  This is a recipe found at Deliciously Ella.  My wife was very dubious about this recipe as she hates sweet potato..  However, when combined in this recipe the sweetness from the sweet potato and dates makes the most amazingly  gooey gorgeous sweet blend, perfect for a brownie :), We add dried fruits, in this case cranberries for an additional sweet hit.


My kids for an extra hit of sweetness like to put a dollop of our homemade almond chocolate nut butter on top.  Again, this is a Deliciously Ella, recipe.  We have substituted the hazelnuts for almonds, as we prefer the taste.


They taste gooey, chocolaty, but by no means do they taste sickly sweet or unhealthy.  Thanks again Ella for another healthy recipe.  I dare you not to enjoy these!

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