Big Boy Pants and Wainers!

This morning was a steady run, working on Aerobic capacity.  The first thing to greet me when I woke up was wind and rain.  Only one thing for it….put my big boy pants on and get out there and train.

I must admit that I do enjoy running in the rain.  Not everyone’s forte, but I seem to be happy running in the rain, or am I just happy that I am out running?  One annoyance is squelching trainers!  Not bad when you are running a cross country route, but when you are on the roads, not the best feeling in the world.   This got my wife and I talking on my return.  It was mentioned that perhaps trainers that had the waterproofing ability of wellies would have been appropriate – EUREKA…..Wainers were born (you heard it here first!!)

So, what exactly are wainers?  Well, imagine running in your comfy trainers, with the added waterproofing of wellies.  But wait, why stop at wellies?  Even go so far as waders, giving the complete lower body and mid rift the comfort of keeping dry.  Well, a thought anyway for all you budding entrepreneurs out there.

In all seriousness, the kit that you wear when running in the wind and rain must, in my opinion be fit for purpose.  Too many times do I see individuals out in inclement weather with shorts and t-shirt on, looking as blue as anything.  My opinion for wet weather running kit is as follows:

  • Hat – Not always necessary, but can help keep the rain out of your eyes, especially if you have to wear glasses.
  • Clothing – Try and wear wicking apparel clothes.  Whist these are good for pulling sweat away from your body, they also help to ensure that your clothing does not stick to you and cause chaffing, especially if they are tight fitting.
  • Jacket – A waterproof jacket is a bonus and will help keep your body warm.  Although you will be running and working up a sweat (yes, you will still sweat in the rain, just not feel it because you will be wet!) your stomach area is one area that will be susceptible to cold, so having a jacket will undoubtedly assist with keeping you warm.
  • Socks – If you have wicking socks, these could help with the prevention of blisters, especially if your trainers get wet.
  • Trainers – Try not to go running in the rain with new trainers.  You trainers will have to be run in (no pun intended), so ensuring that you are comfortable running in your trainers will hopefully aid with the reduction of getting blisters.
  • Lube – If you know that you are susceptible to chaffing, then my advise would be to use lube on those affected areas.



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