What’s your inspiration?

Happy New Year to you all.

Today is a day of many firsts.  First day of 2016; first proper day of my training blog; first Park Run of 2016; first time that my daughter ran with me on a park run; first time my daughter has ever run 5km!

My daughter Ana and I were joined by 601 other inspired individuals at Ferry Meadows Peterborough Park Run this morning.  As it transpired, many who ran Ferry Meadows had come over after completing Huntington Park Run (obviously 5km on New Years Day was not enough).

My original plan was to have this as an easy run today followed by a threshold run tomorrow.  All that changed when Ana asked me if she could run with me today.  I must admit, I was a bit dubious.  Ana had never run that far with me before.  Although always keen to come training with me, Ana has never really run more than a couple of km before.

The Ferry Meadows Park Run route incorporates one small and two larger loops.  My initial thoughts were that Ana may run the first loop and then ask to finish.  How wrong was I.  She inspired me all the way round.  Never giving up despite being tired.  At one point I noticed she was talking.  When I asked what she was saying, she replied “Just telling myself that runners never quit”.

That’s my inspiration.


Me, Max and my inspiration.

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